Sol Nature is a small team lead by Father and daughter Jonathan and Savahna Spark based in Christchurch New Zealand.

Jonathan has spent over 23 years in the health and well-being field with a primary role as a Pascha Therapist, supporting people in a feeling based, heartfelt, soul-centered way of working. Supporting people to live well in a changing world.

He owns a successful Personal and Spiritual Well-being centre in Christchurch with his wife Yasmeen Clark. Pascha Nourishing Body and Soul. Partnering with Chris Penny, together they built an award-winning Café Hello Sunday, winning café of the year 2015, 2016 and taking Supreme Establishment in 2016.

Yasmeen and Jonathan regularly run Spiritual Adventures and Retreats in different parts of the world including India, Bali, and Cambodia where they are regularly confronted with the consequence of a world driven by unconscious consumerism and a First World materialistic impact on developing countries.
Jonathan, Savahna and their team have set their sights on bringing conscious goods for a changing world to people who are waking up to the need to make positive change through how they spend their money.

For People and For Planet

Join the journey with us, together we will make the much-needed difference we all need to see and feel.



Sol Nature supplies sustainable, ethical, organic health and well-being products to provide a conscious choice for consumers.

By aligning with suppliers and sourcing products that are ethical, organic, sustainable, driven by social responsibility and committed to making a difference on our planet.

Empowering our team to follow the principles of our mission with purpose ethics and love.


Educating our customers:

  • To make personally empowering choices in support of their health and well-being.

  • About how the power of conscious spending can make a difference to those in greater need.



  • Bringing a new energy to business through creating positive, supportive, heart-based relationships and fostering cooperation and collaboration with our suppliers and customers.

  • In all our business operations we continually seek ways to reduce our negative impact on the planet and minimize waste. We actively work to redress our negative impact on the planet and each other.

  • Our Business proudly supports VDCA (Sol Nature) and Seeds of Good (Sven's Island).


Our team is all trained in heart-centered, feeling-based relationships because we work from a point of care, service, and responsibility to our customers and hold this approach at the core of our company.


  • Jonathan Spark: Director

  • Savahna Spark: General Manager

  • Ryan Woods: Logistics and Distribution Manager

  • Kat Fraser: Regional Territory Manager




Sol Nature is people and planet first

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