Introducing our own and newest Sol Nature product. Eco & Art, stainless steel water bottles each with their own laser etched design.

This first range of 500ml and 750ml bottles are dubbed Yoga Range.

With images of Universal meaning capturing the essence of  Aum, the Flower of Creation, Padamasana, Siddhartha and the Solar Flower of Persepolis.

All images giving a much needed reminder of our greater connection and inner peace.

We love this new reusable range of stainless steel water bottle and believe you will too.

RRP 500ml - $27.50

RRP 750ml - $29.99


Allow Aum to enter your life, healing all separation and awakening the oneness within you.


Yoga Pose (awakening energy) Rooted in muddy waters, symbolizing our attachments and desires, the lotus’s unfolding petals will expand your soul and support a pure body, mind and spirit.

Solar Flower of Persepolis

Open yourself up to divine intervention. Embrace your creative genius and become transcendent with the universe.

Flower of Creation

The universal symbol of sacred geometry reveals the interconnectedness of all creation.


Sat under a bodhi tree, he who was born a prince, abandoned the conditioned world in search of enlightenment. Experiencing affluence and poverty, affluence and love, he came to know the true nature of himself and the universe.


Beautiful designs are laser engraved on stainless steel water bottles with bamboo lids. Each bottle comes with it's own barcode and tag describing the image chosen.

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