Created in 1982 by medicinal plants connoisseur Antonio Esteban, Soria Natural is a trademark for dietetics and leads in the field of Phytotherapy, a science-based medical practice, which uses plant-derived supplements to support your body's natural resources.
Our laboratory in Soria, Spain, is situated right beside our certified organic crops. The proximity to the plantations and severe continental climate ensures the highest quality of raw and active ingredients, which are all checked over by top-end technology. Our strict harvesting process uses moon phases and seasons to confirm each plant is picked at it’s best and each crop is irrigated with spring water and fertilized with organic vegetable materials. 

Let's Energise!+

Energy Shot - with Propolis, Royal Jelly & Ginseng.

The ideal solution for providing extra energy for those who need to maintain high performance in their daily activities.

>> Helps improve physical performance.

>> Helps improve intellectual performance.

>> Helps increase male libido.

>> Natural ATP precursor.

10 Vials of 15mL

Let's Breathe!

Cough & Cold Relief - with traditional herbs and propolis

A product specially formulated for children in order to help the optimal functioning of the respiratory system, and to protect them against the aggression of environmental factors.

>> Helps fight common cold, catarrh and flu

>> Helps smooth dry and non productive coughs

>> Helps avoid pharyngitis and tonsillitis and sore throat

>> Helps recover from laryngitis and tired vocal cords

>> Helps prevent sinusitis, bronchitis

1 Bottle of 150mL

Let's Eat!

Appetite Booster - with traditional herbs

Product made from herbal ingredients, plant and fruit concentrates, which are intended to wake the appetite of the little ones and help them have a healthy food digestion.

>> Helps promote healthy digestion

>> Helps stimulate the hunger feeling

>> Helps avoid digestive spasms and cramps

1 Bottle of 150mL

Let's Protect!

Defense Booster - with Propolis, Echinacea and Oyster Mushroom

A product with a unique composition, specially designed to stimulate the immune system of children and to activate their protection mechanisms against the wide variety of pathogenic microorganisms and foreign substances that intend to invade the body.

>> Helps stimulates body defense

>> Helps protect from respiratory infections

>> Helps protect from gastrointestinal and other infections

>> Helps repair the body after taking antibiotics

1 Bottle of 150ml

Let's Shred it!

Fat Burner - with Green Tea and Chili Pepper

A supplement made from the concentrated extracts of the Green Tea-Camellia sinensis L. and the Red Chili Pepper-Capsicum annuum L., a carefully designed formula that helps increase the body's metabolic rate and fat combustion, preventing the storage of fats and sculpting the body in a natural way.

>> Helps increase metabolic rate

>> Helps promote fat combustion

>> Helps lower body fat accumulation
>> Helps prevent lipids absorption

14 Sachets of 10g

Let's Block it!

Carb Blocker - with White Beans

A supplement made from white bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) concentrate, that because of its high fiber content acts on carbohydrates by exerting a favorable effect on blocking its absorption in the intestine with the objective of reducing total caloric intake.

>> Helps reduce absorption of carbohydrates

>> Helps reduce caloric intake

36 tablets

Let's Bind it!

Fat Binder - with Prickly Pear Cactus

A supplement made from the concentrate of Opuntia ficus-indica L.Mill, a tropical cactus rich in natural dietary fibers. It produces a fast satiating effect, thereby lowering hunger to reduce food intakes and the absorption of fats at meals.

>>Helps prevent fat absorption

>> Helps reduce caloric intake

>> Helps suppress hunger & appetite

>> Helps eliminate fats naturally

28 tablets

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