Sven's Island makes 100% natural personal care products including therapeutic body care, beauty, lip care and natural baby products. All without the use of harmful chemicals.



Every product purchased helps a person living in rural poverty. Sven's island fund projects that focus on providing education, food security, conservation, and water.

Miracle Manuka

Rich in bio-flavonoid properties, this ointment naturally promotes healing for various skin problems and wounds.


Medi-salve Ointment (anti-inflammatory) -MM60

Lip Balmy

Infusing the goodness of Manuka leaf oil and virgin coconut oil creates an antiviral lip balm full of vitamins and essential fatty acids. With the essence of alpine mint, this completely edible lip balm nourishes and relieves cold sores, dry and cracked lips.


Anti-viral Medi-salve Lip Balm -LP5

Barefoot Balsam

Virgin coconut oil is infused with organic Paw Paw leaf extract to calm inflamed skin. Adding powerful antifungal and anti-inflammatory goodness of organic Kanuka leaf oil to relieve fungal irritations. A product packed with antioxidants and fatty acids to nourish your feet, toe nails and cuticles.


Anti-fungal soothing foot cream -BB100

Skinny Dip

A skin repairing lotion perfect for dry, irritated or sensitive skin. This unique formula is packed with organic purple kumara leaf extract, two of Mother Earth's superhero plants.


All body skin repair lotion -SKD175

Bubba Calm

For sensitive children, this nut oil free, fragrance free and non-greasy cream is made from the healing NZ Kohuhu leaf, and accompanied by chamomile and oat kernel extract for relieving dry or inflamed skin and irritations including eczema, nappy rash, cradle cap and contact dermatitis.


Super sensitive baby cream (hypoallergenic/Anti-inflammatory) -BC100

Fresh Face

This daily moisturiser is fragrance free, non greasy and is designed for the stimulation of cell growth. The main ingredients are Kanuka honey and baby black fern, a native plant clinically proven to increase cell regeneration by 48%.


Clinically proven anti-ageing face cream -FF50


With New Zealand's Lemonwood leaf extract, aloe vera juice and Kumarahou leaf extract, Spotless is a natural facial cleanser; eliminating dirt, oil and makeup while rebalancing the all-important sebum in your skin, without over-drying.


Antibacterial facial cleanser -SL120

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