The Good Brush

Small Steps to Positive Change

The Good Brush is Sol Nature's newest product to make your home more eco-friendly. Our eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush offers less plastic than regular toothbrushes!


In a range of 3 best selling colours, we offer Blue, Pink, and Charcoal infused (Black) toothbrushes.

Completely biodegradable, bamboo has been proven a viable material source for
eco-friendly products. It's the fastest growing plant, excellent for high turnover
products such as toothbrushes. Bamboo also does not require pesticides or
fertilizers during cultivation as it is naturally antibacterial.

For our bamboo brushes, we use a dentist recommended ergonomic soft bristle
design. The brush head is made from nylon-6 bristles, the most eco-friendly and
hygenic material currently available. BPA free, this nylon does not retain water or

The packaging is entirely recyclable. To dispose of the brush, either pull out the
bristles with pliers, or cut off the head of the brush and dispose in your waste bin.
The handle is recommended to be disposed in your commercial compost bin or


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